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Training A Havanese Puppy

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How To Train a Havanese Puppy?

Crate Training:

Success in crate training only comes through persistance and patience. Always train your puppy with lots of affection and love. The following method is called "the Success Method". It is designed to give you, the Havanese puppy owner, a simple yet proven way to help your Havanese puppy develop clean living habits and a feeling of security in your home.

6 Steps to Successful Crate Training

I give credit for these thoughts to, “Havanese” A Kennel Club Book.

  1. Tell your Havanese Puppy “Crate time!” and place him in the crate with a small treat (a piece of cheese or half of a biscuit). Let him stay in the crate for five minutes while you are in the same room.  Then release him and praise lavishly.  Never release him when he is fussing.  Wait until he is quiet before you let him out.
  2. Repeat Step 1 several times a day.
  3. The next day, place the puppy in the crate as before.  Let him stay there for ten minutes. Do this several times.
  4. Continue building time in five-minute increments until the puppy stays in his crate for 30 minutes with you in the room.  Always take him to his relief area after prolonged periods in his crate.
  5. Now go back to Step 1 and let the puppy stay in his crate for five minutes, this time while you are out of the room.Once again, build crate time in five-minute increments with you out of the room. 
  6. When the puppy will stay willingly in his crate (he may even fall asleep!) for 30 minutes with you out of the room, he will be ready to stay in it for several hours at a time.

Helpful Hint:

Most of all be consistent.  Always take your havanese puppy to the same potty spot, always use the same command and always have the dog on lead when he is in his relief area or he'll just want to play!
By following the Success Method, your havanese puppy will be completely house-broken by the time his muscle and brain development reach maturity.  Keep in mind that small breeds usually mature faster than large breeds, but all puppies should be trained by six months of age.

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