Family Raised Havanese Puppies!!

new york havanese puppies

Havanese Puppies in New York

Are You Looking For A Havanese Puppy?


Our Breeding Goal

It is our goal to breed the perfect companion dog, combining beauty temperament and health testing. By health screening our dogs prior to breeding, we do better than most with the goal of producing healthy puppies that also conform to the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard. 

What do we that is different than most Havanese breeders?

  1. We have our Veterinarian to our home every year to view an evaluate our breeding program.
  2. We are Licensed and Inspected every year by the United States Government.
  3. We are an Breed to the AKC standards.

We stand behind our reputation by putting in writing our guarantee for your puppy’s health and genetics.

Falling in Love

We feel you will fall in love with the Havanese breed, as we have.  Our puppies and dogs receive lots of love and affection in our home and are socialized well with our children.   It is our desire to find a loving home for each of our puppies. Contact us today. 

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