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Havanese Puppies in New York

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How Much Do Havanese Puppies Cost?

CONCLUSION (Why wait!!)

The best quality puppy for your family is adopting one one from a reputable breeder who is licensed by the United States Government, inspected by AKC and a Veterinarian every year, with a price between $1800 - $2200.


Less than $1200

Havanese puppies for sale that are less than $1200 are generally being raised in puppy mills or by backyard breeders. They may also breed more than one kinds of dogs. This is a warning sign and they should be avoided. From poor breeding and socialization, they lose the excellent temperament of the Havanese and their breeding practices ("line" or "inbreeding") lead to Health and Genetic problems.  Puppies that are born and raised in this environment are not held, loved or socialized. There is usually little or no licensing or training with these breeders.

ASSESSMENT:  Avoid these breeders.


Generally, these Havanese breeders are reputable breeders of Havanese puppies for sale.  Most perform Health and Genetic testing on their adult dogs before they even consider breeding them.  Their Havanese puppies are raised in their home where they are well looked after and get lots of tender loving care.  You will find the price of their puppies are from about $1600-$2000.  These Havanese breeders take dog breeding seriously and want to perfect the breed.  They use good judgement in determining which dogs to breed to produce the best Havanese puppy for you.   The Havanese puppies they have for sale are all pure bred Havanese and come with American Kennel Club (AKC) registration papers.  They also give a written Health and Genetic guarantee which protects you and your puppy.   Many of these dogs have show potential, but are sold at pet prices. This is a great value for your buck. 

RECOMMENDATION: Good price for an excellent quality puppy. Will most likely have excellent health and good temperament.  These are the breeders to buy a puppy from.

Look for a breeder, in this price range, who is also licensed and inspected by the United States Government just like we are.

$2200 - and up

The last group of Havanese breeders basically breed for the same qualities and goals as the second group.  The only difference is that their dogs are being shown in competitions around the country.   This seems to be the competitive group.  These breeders tend to ask a higher price for their puppies since they travel around and show a number of their dogs. They feel that since some of their dogs have achieved champion status that the offspring of those dogs are worth more.

ASSESSMENT:  Higher price for an excellent quality puppy. These will also most likely have excellent health and good temperament at the above $2200 range.


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