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Havanese Puppies in New York

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What are your Breeding Goals?

This is a very good questions and not one that is asked often enough. It is important to understand the goals of the breeder from which you purchase your havanese puppy. When it comes to breeding, we take it very seriously. We strive to breed the perfect companion dog, combining beauty, temperament and health into a small affectionate and loyal package.  By health screening our dogs prior to breeding, we like to feel that we do better than most with the goal of producing healthy puppies that also conform to the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard.  Improving breed quality is always one of the goals in our breeding program.

We stand behind our reputation by putting in writing our guarantee for your puppy’s health and genetics. Which brings up the subject of a contract. Any breeder of Havanese puppies that is worth buying a puppy from will have a written contract. It is very important that your contract contain the following items:

Two things that must be in your contract

1. A HEALTH GUARANTEE: Without a health guarantee you be up-a-creek-without-a-paddle if your puppy gets sick. Most puppies undergo quite a bit of stress when introduced into their new home and environment. It is not uncommon for them to get sick from the transition. Hopefully your breeder has taken great care of your puppy before it enters your home. Deworming, bathing, ears, vaccinations, socialization, nail trimming are all part of your puppies health. If you purchase an unhealthy puppy from a breeder, your breeder should be responsible for the bills. Your contract should protect you from the vet bill that you incure for the deworming.

2. A GENETIC GUARANTEE: A Genetic guarantee protects you from genetic conditions that might arise within the first year of life. Most of us would like a guarantee that protects that puppy for life, but that would be like having a lifetime gurantee on our computer. It just isn't possible. Some breeders will tell you that they guarantee your puppy for five years or even for life. But if you read carefully you will discover that the condition still needs to be diagnosed within the first year of life. So don't be fooled into thinking that you have the best guarantee in the world when it is really only a one year guarantee. These contracts are misleading and you should avoid purchasing your puppy from a breeder who offers you this type of contract.

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havanese puppies for sale in new yorkhavanese puppies for sale in new york

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